Wedding FAQ.

I am a big fan of questions, and I have designed this page as a helpful place to answer as many common questions that I can think of. If you do not find your question here or if you need more explanation, please do not hesitate to reach out with any concern or wondering.


Why should we choose you to shoot our wedding?

This is a wonderful and important question! The big answer is because I love weddings, moments, and humans! Life changing moments are too important to not be preserved. To go into more detail, I also value quality photography. In a world were it is extremely easy to purchase a good quality camera and get yourself a business license, it is so important to find a photographer that has cultivated and cared for the art of photography. I am so grateful to be surrounded by many such photographers, and I am honored that you are here on my website. I love my clients. I really, really do. I care for my clients and strive to provide quality customer service. I also value education. I am never satisfied to stay the same; I am always learning and growing my knowledge, and every wedding is something I do not take for granted.

what is your photography style and why?

My photography style is documentary and fine art with an emphasis on capturing real moments over posed moments. The fine art part pertains to your details and the beauty of your day - from wedding cakes, rings, dress details, and more, I aim to capture those with care and beauty in an artistic fashion. The documentary style comes in for the rest of your day. Weddings are in essence, stories. It’s your story from start to finish and a wonderful one at that. My images will convey that story and it will read that way as you look back over your photographs. I capture the “in between” moments, and I hope you will see that’s conveyed in your images. I do also study extensive techniques in posing, and that comes into play during couple’s formals. Of course the goal is to not let it look posed but rather put you in a pleasing position and than stand back and let the moment happen. As time goes by a flow is found and couples find they can relax and pose themselves to capture more authenticity. I’ve had couples who are very relaxed but also some who are very anxious about posing and how they’ll look, but they end up really enjoying our time!

how much do you charge

Great question! Starting pricing can be found on my investments page via this website. For the most current pricing as well as what’s included in my packages, please contact me! I offer several packages in my wedding pricing, and each one is customizable. For this reason, it’s easiest to send you the magazine pdf for a full overview of what I have to offer.

do you work with other photographers?

I do! Some of my wedding packages come with a second photographer for your wedding day included, and in packages where it is not included one can be added. My second shooter is a trusted photographer that shoots at a similar level of expertise and will help in many ways on the wedding day.

do I need a second shooter?

Not always. I can certainly shoot most wedding days alone, and many smaller or less complex days would not require a second shooter or really even need one. Certain wedding days with larger guest-counts or more to photograph can be benefited by a second shooter. I spend a lot of time talking to my couples and will help you determine what’s best for your specific wedding day. I usually bring an assistant at no extra charge to you.

what is your editing style?

I love editing! I edit each image myself and give special attention to keeping the colors rich, beautiful and romantic. I use both Lightroom and Photoshop and work very hard on each image!

do you travel?

I am currently located in Southern Oregon in the Medford area and do the majority of my weddings there. I do also travel to Portland and the Pacific Northwest and the surrounding areas. Please contact me if you are interested in further travel as I sometimes have those dates available depending on my schedule.

what happens if my venue is dark?

This is common and important question. Many venues are dark along with the fact that most receptions extend into the night. Each wedding is different and it’s important to choose a photographer than can handle different lighting scenarios. I come to each wedding equipped to use my off-camera lights to illuminate indoor spaces, some ceremony sites (if allowed) and nighttime portraits. I am personally more drawn to the natural light look whenever possible but the ability to produce beautiful nighttime images is also an important part of capturing a wedding day from start to finish! I generally have a lighting assistant that helps me :)

how long must we wait before we receive our images?

You can expect your images in 8-10 weeks. You will receive your images via an online gallery, and they are downloadable there. You will also receive a print release and printing suggestions. Finally, you can print small gift-size prints via the gallery or larger prints through me.

do you make wedding albums?

Yes! I love making wedding albums, and they are an al la carte item that can be added to any package. Getting an album through me is an easy and painless process. Using album software, I design your album, highlighting key moments and telling your wedding story; after that the draft is sent to you where you can either approve it or ask for changes. We do this until you’re satisfied and than order your album! Please allow 4 weeks for your album to be delivered.

can we have “all” the pictures or the Raw files?

Raw files or the entirety of the images are not available to clients. The reason for this is that I carefully select all the best images to give to each client. If an image is not included in the gallery, it’s because it’s a repeat of another image, someone has blinked, I’m testing my settings, etc. Please trust me that any viable images will be included, and I’ve done the hard work of wading through them for you ;)

can we receive the copyright to our wedding images?

Copyright of all images will be retained by Rachel Dale Photography. However, you will receive a print release, and you will be able to print them as many times as you’d like and have full access to them.

do you offer engagement sessions?

I do! Engagement sessions are some of my favorite sessions, and before a wedding they are extremely helpful. Each couple is different; they interact differently, fit together differently and pose differently. For this reason and more, I value engagement sessions and enjoy them at any time.

do you need us to provide you with a shot list?

In general, I do not need a shot list. I do provide a final questionnaire two months before the wedding to collect final details. This questionnaire includes a section for must-haves or important images that I would not otherwise be taking. If I had to work from a detailed shot list laying out every photograph, I would have a difficult time doing my job. After doing many weddings, I am well versed in what needs to be captured, but anything that goes beyond the usual, I am happy to do as long as you let me know!

do you have insurance and can you provide it to our venue?

Yes and yes! I have full coverage and can happily provide proof of insurance or a certificate of insurance if needed. Please allow me at least a month to get this done so that my insurance company has time to process it.

what kind of camera do you have?

I currently shoot with high quality Nikon gear as well as backups, flash equipment and other helpful gadgets. Each wedding is shot on dual memory cards and backed up at home immediately.

how long have you been in business?

I have been in business since 2012 and have been doing weddings for the last three years. Before that I did more portrait work as well as second-shooting many weddings which prepared me for weddings in a huge way.

what is required to book you?

Once you decide to book me and after the contract is signed, 1/3 of the total package is due as retainer to hold your date. The final amount is due 30 days prior to the date of the wedding. You are more than welcome to split the payment up over 3 payments. Just let me know if you would like to do that.

is the retainer refundable? what if we cancel our wedding?

In the sad event that a wedding is cancelled, your retainer is NOT refundable. Once I receive your retainer I lock that date and turn away all other offers. Per the contract all paid monies are forfeited and will not be refunded.

I hope this list of questions is helpful! I recognize that each wedding is specific and these are general questions and answers. Please reach out to me with any other questions that you might have. I hope to talk to you soon!