What to Wear


What to wear and how to put together you and your families clothing is one of the first questions people ask me. With a few tips and tricks you can easily put together a great wardrobe that will look great in your images! 


1. Start with one persons outfit and go from there. Often this is moms outfit as this can be the hardest to figure out. Pick out a dress or outfit and than build the rest of your family around that. Example: Moms dress is a long floral dress with a white background and blush and cream florals, use that and pull colors that coordinate into the rest of the family. 

2. Coordinate instead of matching. Pick a color palette or style of clothes, such as pastels or neutrals ,boho or casual and than let  everyone have their own unique outfit. 

3. Choose clothes that have movement. For women and girls this can be a long flowing skirt or dress: movement+light+emotion=photography magic! 

4. Stay away from logos, distracting prints, all black or ultra bright colors (unless your session calls for that.)

5. Buy clothes that fit. This is especially true in the case of children. This is not the time to buy things a couple sizes bigger to make it last longer, buy dresses, shirts and pants to fit well on littles, it will look much better!

6. Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Why not take the time to pamper yourself? Your images will thank you!

7. Wear what your comfortable in. This does not mean you can't dress up, but make sure your wearing something you feel totally fabulous in and make sure you can move well in it.

8. Don't forget about shoes! Shoes are often the last thing we think about but can make an outfit great or can cause a lot of trouble. Pick shoes that go with your outfit and stand out if they show but make sure you can move and walk comfortably. Unless high fashion or extremely formal is your jam, wear shoes that you will be able to get around in and play with your kiddos :) Boots or closed toed shoes are good for areas with tall grasses and fields. 

9.  Don't forget to accessorize. Long necklaces, scarfs, ties, bow ties, hats etc. can all be fun! Simple is fine too though so don't overdo it if thats not your style. Some accessories can be on for some of your session and than taken off for a different look.

10. Bring more than one look. This can be a challenge for large families and is often not necessary but can lend some variation in your gallery and can help if you cant decide which type of look to go with. Keep in mind some sessions are out in nature and bathrooms are not accessible. I have families often change in odd and creative ways in this case.

11. Think about the location. This really is a major key to success in your wardrobe selections. First think about your comfort, depending on the weather and dress accordingly, also consider mountain and field locations have high grasses and stickers that can hurt bare legs so keep that in mind especially for small children. Secondly, think about colors that look good in different environments. In general pastels are really beautiful for beach sessions, while soft muted tones or pops of darker neutrals can look good in mountain or field spots. In urban locations anything can go but often some brighter colors look really good. 

12.  Ask for help! I am here to help and have assisted tons of families through this process. Shoot me an email, call for advice or text pictures of what your thinking of getting or putting together, I usually always have my phone so texting is the quickest way but all other forms are fine too!


Where to Shop

For Women:
*Mimi and Red Boutique in North Park
*Free People
Dolcetti Boutique, Downtown San Diego
H&M: Parkway Plaza, Fashion Valley, hm.com 

For Men: 
Old Navy
Nordstroms Rack

For Children:
Country Couture Clothes Company ( Online only countrycouturecompany.com
Light in the Box (Online only lightinthebox.com
Janie and Jack