wedding clients


What To Expect

Thank you for choosing me to do your engagement and wedding images! I'm so excited to be a part of your day.

So now that you've booked and signed your contract what can you expect in the coming days from your photography experience? Let's start with your engagement session!



1. First click here to fill out the engagement questionnaire! This helps to nail down location, talk about yourselves as a couple, and give me a good picture of how you envision your session.

2. Check out my location list here! Please keep in mind any location fees are the responsibility of the client. I will inform you of any as we pick a location out.

3. Set our date! Once I receive the questionnaire I will contact you to plan the session and pick our date and time. Sessions are generally in the evenings an hour or two before sunset. We can talk about location and get the meeting time and directions all set.

4. Pick out what you will wear. I recommend two outfits at least for engagements and it can be good to do one more fancy and one a little more casual. Here are some tips:

  • Pick out outfits that coordinate with each other but you don't need to feel like you have match.

  • Wear something your comfortable in and that fits well. This isn't the time to buy something too big or wear baggy jeans, fitted is best unless the style in meant to be flowy.

  • Think about movement: for the ladies think about wearing something with movement such as a a skirt or dress that flows. This can add so much beauty to our images!

  • Get your hair and makeup professionally done. Unless your really great at doing your own getting your hair and/or makeup done can really make a difference and it's always fun to pamper yourself! Need a recommendation? Just ask!

  • Don't forget about shoes! Shoes can add so much to an engagement session so consider how they will add to your images! Be mindful of location as you choose shoes and make sure they are appropriate.

  • Think about color palettes for different locations. If your doing an urban location think about pops of color, if we're doing a session on the beach pastels or soft colors are preferable to darker tones, if the location is a mountain or field spot a lot of colors work but try to avoid super bright colors and consider time of year for the best color pallets.

  • Ask for help! I have helped tons of couples with this process so don't hesitate to reach out with questions! You can text, call or email and I'm happy to get pictures of what your trying on or putting together.


5. Incorporate what's special to you! If there's something you love to do as a couple think about how we can add that in to tailor our session to you!

6. Show up looking fabulous! Please arrive on time or a little early to park and get your things together.

7. After our session you will receive your images in 2-3 weeks via an online gallery along with a print release and instructions.

Suggestions for where to shop:

Free People
Nordstrom's Rack ( they often carry free people at a discounted rate)
Mimi and Red ( locations in North Park and La Jolla)
Dolcetti Boutique ( downtown San Diego)


Wedding Day

After your engagement session the next big event is your wedding day! I talk a lot with my couples about what to expect in person and plan through the entire day but here's a brief over view.

1) long before your wedding day it is good for us to discuss the timing of the pictures. If sunset pictures are important to you we can talk about how to incorporate those into your day. Even if you're Ceremony time is not close to sunset we can work out a separate time to do the sunset images during the reception.

2) decide if you want a first look. Many couples today decide to do a first look to do all of the images of the couple and bridal party before the ceremony. This is a completely personal choice and one we can discuss together! Time for formal family images if that is something you desire will still take place after the ceremony.

3) about a month before the date of the wedding I will send you a wedding questionnaire as well as some other forms. After filling these out we can get together and discuss more detailed timelines, last-minute details, and groupings for family portraits. This is usually the last time we will see each other before the big day so It can be helpful to meet with the two of you and talk through everything.

4) after the wedding, plan to receive your images within six weeks via an online gallery. If you would like to order additional products such as canvases or albums please ask and we can incorporate them into your package.


Some tips and reminders:

A) designate a person for both the bride and groom for me to stay in contact with in case we are separated. This can be especially helpful if we have a first look so that the bride and groom can focus on each other. Sometimes the best man and maid of honor are the best for this job.

B) don't forget to eat! I can't stress this enough, make sure you eat throughout the day as you're getting ready, and don't forget to hydrate!

C) designate a driver. Sometimes certain locations can have difficulty with parking. We will discuss this before hand but make sure we have drivers to drop us off at different spots that are not easy to access. This is especially important for the bride so her dress can stay clean!