printing your images


thank you for choosing to do your images with Rachel Dale Photography!

I am honored that you chose me and I hope your images will be treasured forever. Printing your images professionally is always recommended and I am happy to help you with that via my professional lab. If you choose to print on your own here are some helpful tips and some some recommendations for where to print.

1. Always print at a reputable lab that values image integrity and color. Please avoid common consumer labs such as Shutterfly, Walmart, Target, etc. These labs will not print your images, albums or photo books in a quality and professional manner nor will they maintain the integrity of the coloring of your images. Here are a few recommendations for self printing:

c. for a local option try Georges Camera located in North Park and Clairemont (

2. All your images are high resolution digital images and you can print them in large print sizes, canvases or albums.

3. Please keep in mind that depending on the size you choose to print (5X7, 8X10, etc.) you may cut off some of the image when printing and making albums. Most sites will have guides to show you where the image will be cut off but please be aware that most traditional image sizes are not always the best for printing. This is because of the aspect ratio of an image taken in camera and the fact that this is not the same as average sizes for printing. Either print in more compatible sizes (4X6, 6X9, 8X12, 12X18, etc) or just keep your eyes out for where your image will be cropped. 

4. No matter where you print please check the "do not color correct box" that most labs have. Your images are fully color corrected by me and the utmost care is taken in my editing. Failure to specify for the lab to not color correct may result in images that look different than the ones delivered. 

5. Do not add your own editing over the image. Please keep the original file as it is for the best color and image quality.

6. As always please ask questions! I am happy to help in any way possible :)